The 5 Biggest Marketing Mistakes You Can Make in Your Aesthetic Practice

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don’t know which half!”

John Wanamaker

Never a truer word was spoken when it comes to marketing your clinical practice. The vast majority of all business owners are lost when it comes to knowing which ads and campaigns are actually making them money – and which are just costing them. So if this is you, don’t feel bad, you’re not alone! But this gets me thinking that it’s a good time to remind you of some of the other top ways you may be wasting money with your marketing. Let’s start from the top:

Mistake #1: Not tracking your marketing results

Tracking your marketing results is Marketing 101 of running a highly profitable aesthetic practice. Do you know which ads are bringing you the most patients? Do you know which patients refer you the most business? Do you know which offers are the most successful – and least successful? Do you know which of your marketing generates you money – day in and day out, and which things don’t? The most effective marketing is the marketing that can be tracked. Without tracking your results, it’s like playing blind archery and just hoping to hit your target!

Mistake #2: Using price, price, price to attract new patients

Being the lowest-priced plastic surgeon in town is a terrible marketing strategy for three basic reasons. 1) There will always be someone more desperate than you who can undercut your prices overnight, and just like that, your competitive advantage is gone. 2) Tiny margins means you have to make your money by doing volume – the fastest way to burn-out. 3) Patients who buy on price only are usually the most stressful, most demanding and least appreciative, and they make you wonder why you chose this Specialty in the first place.

Mistake #3: Not following up with prospects

Just because prospects may not choose to move forward with you at the consult doesn’t mean that’s the end of your relationship with them.  Hardly! It’s actually the beginning. You need to keep following up with them, via email, staff phone calls, a card on their birthday, etc. You worked very hard to get that quality lead, and perhaps paid a lot of money – so don’t just let it drop because they were hesitant to move forward, or even if they chose someone else. They might still come to you for non-surgical, or injectables, or maybe they’ll refer their friends to you, even though they haven’t been themselves yet (you would be surprised at how often this happens!)

Mistake #4: Having a website that looks just the same as every one else in your market

Your website is essentially your virtual storefront. Many prospects visit a number of websites before deciding which clinic to call. Make your website stand out and look different (and better) than everyone else’s. If you look just the same, then a prospect will erroneously assume that you ARE just the same. If you’re putting money into one big thing in your practice – make it a stunningly attractive website that outshines all your competitors.

Mistake #5: Not having your team use scripts when answering the phone

There’s nothing worse than having paid all that money to get the right kind of prospect to pick up the phone to call your practice – and then for your office assistant to have skipped her morning coffee, or to sit there filing her nails while she’s talking in a bored voice on the phone. All your office staff should use scripts, period. Also, don’t assume that just because they have them, they are actually using them. Staff have to be held accountable, and kept accountable to always use them. Otherwise they’re just winging it – and so are you. You work far too hard to let such a big responsibility be left up to guess work. Remove it by insisting on the use of scripts.

How does your practice measure against these? Get just one of these changes implemented and your practice will be well ahead of your competitors!

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