Spotlight on Polytech Health and Aesthetics — Our ISAPS Platinum Sponsor!

Polytech was the very first Platinum Sponsor to support the ISAPS Global Sponsorship Program when it first officially started in 2015. They have been wonderful supporters of our Society, and of our members!

For these reasons, we thought we would put the spotlight on their company this month, and share with you some amazing facts that perhaps you did not know about this great German company.

  1. Polytech Health & Aesthetics is the only manufacturer of soft-tissue silicone implants in Germany, and they’ve been in business for over 25 years!
  2. Polytech specializes in breast implants.
  3. Their products are used worldwide, in more than 60 countries, for reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgery.
  4. All implants are handmade in Dieburg, Germany, according to the highest quality standards.
  5. Polytech offers Implants of Excellence — an extended warranty program for implant replacement, so you have peace of mind.
  6. Polytech’s goal over its 25-year history has always been the best quality and maximum safety for the health and body of the patient.
  7. Each Polytech breast implant is meticulously handcrafted using plastic molds, and then vulcanized. Nothing is mass-produced. Each product is then marked with a unique serial number inside the shell. The shells are filled with medical-grade silicone and carefully checked for air bubbles in the filling and defects in the shell. Only implants that pass this initial rigorous inspection process move on to be vulcanized a second time, to stabilize their shape. A final inspection is then carefully made of each and every implant, to meet or exceed the highest quality standards.
  8. Polytech regularly stress-tests their implants. Sample strips from randomly chosen shells are stretched to 450% or higher of their original shape, or implants have to resist a simulated impact test at 45 km/hour unharmed.
  9. More than 1,500 breast implant variations for reconstruction or aesthetic augmentation are skillfully cleanroom-manufactured in Germany. Polytech also makes other products, like soft-tissue implants for contouring calves, gluteus regions, and men’s chests.

Interested in learning more? Visit, or visit their “super booth” at the upcoming ISAPS Congress in South Beach, Miami (October 31 through November 4, 2018).

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