Preparing for Breast Augmentation: What to Consider Before You Ever Walk into a Plastic Surgery Office

  • Posted on: May 3 2017
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Making the first call to inquire about breast augmentation can be daunting. You’ve thought about increasing or lifting your breasts for a while, and don’t want to be “sold” or swayed right away. You’ve most likely taken stock of what’s out there, in the form of celebrity pictures and “before-and-afters” to get an idea of your ideal look. No doubt you’ve had friends and neighbors with their own stories of breast augmentation, and you’re taking steps to ensure you’re getting the right surgeon for you. Thankfully, ISAPS has plenty of certified, knowledgeable and highly qualified surgeons with satisfied patients.

Who gets to be your surgeon?

That’s right – think of this process as who gets to provide this service to YOU! You will be interviewing surgeons to find out who’s best and who gets your investment as a valued client! You should never feel sold, but rather counseled and advised, while sharing your needs and desires. Your potential surgeon and staff should walk you the entire process, from pre-op to recovery, and should spend time with you discussing your body shape and desired breast look. 

You’ll want to interview several, to get a feel for the office right from the moment you walk in to the time you walk out, from the manner in which you’re treated by front office staff to the quality of your consult with the surgeon. It’s vital to connect on all levels with the surgeon who will perform this intimate and important surgery.  

Another important thing to look for is board certification. A board-certified plastic surgeon not only completed medical school, but also a residency in plastic surgery.

Size and shape

Here’s where the real beauty of plastic surgery comes into play. As the number one trending plastic surgery across the world, breast augmentation has advanced in many ways. What used to look fake, and which had the potential for unsightly rippling, leakage and rupturing, has been improved in recent years.  A good “boob job” looks fantastic. There’s volume, shape and fullness that can either look totally natural or completely enhanced – this is where you’ll make the call by talking through your wishes.

You’ll want to review before and after pictures of qualified surgeons’ patients, and talk through the differences between saline and silicone, flat-backed implants and round ones. Your surgeon should consider your body shape, child-bearing age, and current weight. As with most plastic surgeries, it is important to be at your ideal weight to preserve the integrity of the procedure.


Rest and recovery

Are you prepared to spend up to a week at home? Do you have someone to transport you to and from surgery? Will you require someone to watch you at home? Can you take time off work, activities and travel to properly recover? These are all considerations your surgeon should discuss with you to make the most of your post-surgery recovery. You’ll be prescribed pain medication and rest, and your surgeon will schedule check-ins to ensure you are on track to a beautiful breast enhancement.
Now that you know what to ask for, it’s time to start making consultation appointments. The best and brightest in the business are members of ISAPS and you’ll find a full roster of certified ISAPS surgeons here. Take a look, make the call and get ready to stand with pride in your decision to engage the most qualified, personable plastic surgeon for you!

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