Practice Management: Growing Your Practice

  • Posted on: Oct 10 2019
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Increasing production in your practice is dependent upon two factors: new patient acquisition and more per-patient production. In the plastic surgery industry, it can be tricky to maintain a steady influx of new patients and follow-up treatments. Consider the following suggestions to supplement your existing external marketing.

Patient referrals

Personal recommendations are a powerful advertisement. As a result, generating patient referrals is a great way to acquire new patients. Instead of waiting for your existing patients to pass on your name, encourage them to do so! Inform your patients that you are accepting new patients, in case a friend or family member is looking for a plastic surgeon. Asking satisfied patients to post an online review can also go a long way. Set up an automatic email to be sent out to patients with links to websites where they can leave a review, preferably with a script already included.

Stick to your specialty

When looking for a plastic surgeon, patients are drawn to doctors who specialize in a certain procedure and have an extensive, positive track record in that area. As a result, rather than branching out to include more procedures, hone in on the fields in which you are an expert. Focus on a certain region of the body or type of procedure and be the best, instead of telling patients you are good at everything from fillers to breast implants to reconstructive surgery.

Online outreach

Your online presence, or lack thereof, has a tremendous impact on your patient numbers. Have your website optimized for search engines – when new patients search for a procedure or local surgeon, you want your practice to show up first. Additionally, make sure your website has valuable information for patients. Introduce yourself and your clinic, post clear instructions on how to find your practice and include complete information on the services you provide. Finally, social media activity can be a useful outreach tool. Link to your social media accounts and include public patient reviews. 

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