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  • Posted on: Aug 5 2017
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Here at ISAPS, getting new data is kind of like Christmas, Thanksgiving and Halloween rolled into one. Just a few weeks ago, the 2016 ISAPS Global Statistics Survey was publically released and, if we may say so, the results were absolutely fascinating.

For plastic surgeons around the world, the yearly ISAPS Global Statistics Survey is an invaluable tool to spot emerging trends in plastic surgery. We survey cosmetic procedures in 104 countries to get you the most detailed and accurate numbers possible. With its detailed breakdowns of procedures, countries, ages, and genders, you can’t find a better resource for information about the popularity of specific plastic surgery procedures in your country, and in countries around the world. This year’s survey didn’t disappoint, as we discovered some interesting and valuable information that will inform how many plastic surgeons view certain procedures, and how they can better appeal to their patients in the upcoming year.

First, we are thrilled to report that there has been a 9% increase overall in surgical and cosmetic procedures around the world within the last 12 months. This is an average, as surgical procedures have increased by 8% and non-surgical procedures have increased by 10%. Fingers crossed, we will see continuous growth along these lines through this year, going into next.

Although the United States leads in total number of cosmetic procedures in the world, they are currently neck-and-neck with Brazil. In fact, every country in the world is starting to gain a little ground on the US! For the most part, there has been a growth in almost every category of plastic surgery, from facial procedures to injectables. Here are some of the highlights and trends you should watch out for in the coming year.


Somewhat surprisingly, the plastic cosmetic procedure that has seen the most growth around the world in 2015/2016 has been labiaplasty, a remodeling of the enlarged inner lips of the vagina. Also known as labia minora reduction surgery, the number of labiaplasty procedures performed worldwide has exploded, with a stunning 45% increase over 2014/2015. Brazil is currently leading the way in the number of labiaplasty procedures, with 23,155, while the United States comes in at second place, with 13,266.

Lower Body Lift

The number of lower body lifts, a cosmetic procedure where loose and hanging skin and fat is trimmed away from the waist, has grown 29% over the last year, with Brazil again leading the way with a total of 9,570 procedures. The US follows, with 7,920 procedures, and coming up from behind is India with a total of 5,320 procedures. We suspect this number will continue to rise throughout this year.

Upper Body Lift

Our next trend is the upper body lift, a procedure that can include an upper arm lift, a breast lift, and surgery to remove fat rolls on the back. Upper body lifts have seen a growth of 22% over the last year. Here, the US pulls ahead of Brazil with 3,828 procedures, but Brazil is close behind, with 3,685 procedures.

Breast Augmentation (Fat Transfer)

Tying with upper body lifts, the demand for breast augmentation through fat transfer has also grown by 22% over the course of 2015/2016. An alternative to using implants, with a fat transfer breast augmentation, fat is transplanted from elsewhere in the body and implanted into the breasts. Here, the US dwarfs everyone else with 20,790 procedures, while Brazil follows with 10,835. Russia is in third place, with 8,610 procedures performed.

Plastic Surgery for Men

The last trend we want to mention is something that we’ve been seeing for a few years now. The number of men who are coming in for cosmetic surgery has been steadily growing, and this year’s survey continues to show this demand. Although women continue to drive the demand for cosmetic surgery, with 86.2% of procedures performed on women worldwide, men now account for 13.8% of total procedures. Some of the most popular procedures for men include eyelid surgery, gynecomastia, liposuction and hair transplants. Based on these numbers, marketing cosmetic surgery to men is a strategy that we believe will pay off big in the near future.

We want to thank every country and every surgeon who participated in this year’s survey. These valuable statistics wouldn’t have been possible without your help and information. We hope that the upcoming year will show a similarly large growth in the popularity of plastic surgery worldwide, and that you will share in that success as an ISAPS plastic surgeon!

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