The 2020 Global Survey is out now!

The results are in from ISAPS’ Global Survey on Aesthetic/Cosmetic Procedures performed around the world throughout 2020. ISAPS is the only organization to track the number and type of aesthetic (cosmetic) procedures that have been performed worldwide each calendar year. Last year’s survey was especially significant, as alongside highlighting worldwide trends and regional differences in… Read More »

GC Aesthetics (GCA): GCA Academy™, empowering surgeons to grow

The following post is a guest post from GC Aesthetics, an ISAPS Gold Global Sponsor. GCA Academy™ is much more than the GC Aesthetics® learning platform for Surgeons.   Our academy was founded in 2014, grounded in an ethical and scientific approach,  committed to taking MEDICAL EDUCATION to the next level.  The GCA Academy™ provides a progressive learning forum for… Read More »

Save the Date for Istanbul 2022!

Last month, we experienced our first World Congress since the pandemic began in Vienna, Austria. Despite ongoing travel restrictions and the hybrid nature of the event, we welcomed more than 1,000 on-site and virtual participants! Although the 2021 World Congress has just ended, planning for the 2022 ISAPS World Congress in Istanbul is already underway.… Read More »

Access the ISAPS World Congress On Demand!

Thank you to all of our delegates who were able to join us in person in Vienna for the 2021 ISAPS World Congress. It was a great pleasure to see you there. To those of you who could not make it this time but joined us virtually, thank you for being with us remotely. Our… Read More »

Vienna 2021: Austria Opens Border to Tourists from 7 Additional Countries

As we prepare for the World Congress on September 11-13, 2021, we are pleased to share with you that Austria has further relaxed entry requirements for visitors from the following countries: UK, Russia, South Africa, India, Nepal, Botswana, and Zambia. Provided they are fully vaccinated, there will no longer be any quarantine requirement for tourists… Read More »

GC Aesthetics (GCA): GCA Academy™ – Promoting surgical excellence

The following post is a guest post from GC Aesthetics, an ISAPS Gold Global Sponsor. IMPLEO™ Smooth used with fantastic results in the surgical treatment of Capsular Contracture.   This year IMPLEO™ Smooth by GC Aesthetics® was featured in a published paper in February 2021 by Italian Plastic Surgeons for proving great results in revision surgery. The objective of this clinical review, was to provide an overview of… Read More »

GC Aesthetics (GCA): GC Aesthetics®, breast implants with prospective long-term proven safety data

The following post is a guest post from GC Aesthetics, an ISAPS Gold Global Sponsor.  10 years data with more than 500 women enrolled provides clinical evidence of GCA´s breast implants safety and performance. Silicone gel-filled breast implants have been commercially available for decades and are the most commonly used devices for aesthetic and reconstructive… Read More »

Participate in the 2020 ISAPS Global Survey!

ISAPS is the only organization to publish data on aesthetic procedures performed on a global scale. With COVID-19 affecting surgeons and patients around the world, there has never been a more important time to participate so that we can publish comprehensively on the impact of the pandemic on plastic surgery procedures worldwide. Your participation in… Read More »

Sign up for next week’s Regenerative Medicine Virtual Symposium

There’s one week left to register for our virtual symposium on Saturday, May 29. The first module of our two-part series on Regenerative Medicine will cover the latest developments in this growing field including nanofat, platelet-rich plasma, and stem cells. Nanofat Nanofat injections are a recent development in lipofilling. Typical applications include injecting nanofat cells… Read More »

GC Aesthetics (GCA): GCA Academy™

GCA Academy™ is the soul of GC Aesthetics®, a Confident Choice for Life™. Continue your medical education throughout your career by keeping up-to-date with new innovations and procedures has never been easier. The main aim of GCA Academy™ is to improve patient outcomes by looking for excellence in clinical practice. We do this by raising… Read More »