Nine Great Reasons Why Every Plastic Surgeon Needs to Complete the ISAPS Global Survey!

Did you know that the ISAPS Global Survey – or as it’s called in the media, “The International Study of Cosmetic Procedures” – is the single most important public relations initiative performed for the specialty of plastic surgery on a global scale? If you need a little more persuading to participate in the ISAPS Global Survey, here are nine more reasons!

1. The #ISAPSGlobalSurvey ONLY surveys Plastic Surgeons. It is not open to any other specialty.

2. The #ISAPSGlobalSurvey is the largest survey conducted on cosmetic procedures anywhere in the world.

3. The #ISAPSGlobalSurvey is completely anonymous. No identifying information is collected as part of this survey.

4. The #ISAPSGlobalSurvey is performed by an independent third party – a research company called Industry Insights that has been surveying cosmetic procedures for the last 15 years.

5. The #ISAPSGlobalSurvey is the single most important public relations and marketing initiative the Society undertakes. Last year the results from the ISAPS Global Survey were reported in over 6200 editorial articles in 78 countries, generating an estimated US$31 million in publicity for the specialty of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. The survey also helps ISAPS achieve its mission as a protector of Patient Safety by making people more aware of the differences between Board Certified (or the equivalent) Plastic Surgeons, versus other specialties.

6. The #ISAPSGlobalSurvey is an annual survey, helping you and your colleagues identify trends in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, to give you better insight into what patients are requesting, and new and emerging trends.

7. If enough Plastic Surgeons in your country participate in the ISAPS Global Survey, then the results of your country will be separated out, which will help the media in your country write more articles about Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

8. You don’t have to be an ISAPS Member to participate in the Survey! It is open to ALL Plastic Surgeons.

9. Once you have completed the Survey, you will be directed to a page to enter your information to enter a drawing to win one of twenty $500 Visa gift cards! If you win, you can pick up your $500 Visa gift card at the ISAPS Miami Congress, from October 31 to November 4, 2018, and spend it in any store where Visa is accepted!

Please help ISAPS to help the specialty of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, and complete the ISAPS Global Survey today by visiting, and make your practice count!

Thank you!


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