GC Aesthetics (GCA): GCA Academy™

GCA Academy™ is the soul of GC Aesthetics®, a Confident Choice for Life™. Continue your medical education throughout your career by keeping up-to-date with new innovations and procedures has never been easier.

The main aim of GCA Academy™ is to improve patient outcomes by looking for excellence in clinical practice. We do this by raising the bar on scientific knowledge all over the world regarding augmentation, revision and reconstruction breast surgery in order to help empower surgeons to grow.

In GC Aesthetics®, it is not only about what is important now in medical aesthetics, but what will be important for the future. The next generations of plastic surgeons are key for this discipline, and we want to have them onboard and help them in their learning path. That is why, GCA Academy ™ not only provides world class medical education for advanced plastic surgeons but for the upcoming plastic surgeons as well.

GCA Academy™ is not only a digital platform, but a network of top health care professionals that love their job and want to give back to the medical community. Expert led scientific meetings covering difficult cases with the best practices, surgeries with small groups of plastic surgeons and advisory boards are also part of the Academy.

On our 24/7 multi-language platform, you will find a broad portfolio of resources:  from live talks by prestigious world-wide KOLs, hosts tips and tricks, state-of-the-art updates on surgical techniques & approaches, virtual workshops to remote consultation tools and business boost ideas and much more.

The most recent updates on the GCA Academy™ platform include two webinars from two prestigious physicians.

  • Dr. Alessandro Casadei who presents in Italian “When, how and why: from science to experience, breast augmentation using a smooth opaque round implant.”
  • Dr. Felipe Estevez Trujillo who presents in Spanish “Choosing the best implant for each patient. Returning to the basics.”

Please do not miss the opportunity to learn more about breast surgery from our experts. To explore the available sessions in GCA Academy™, register for future events and learn more, please click here. Join GCA Academy™ today!

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