How ISAPS Is Defending the Specialty of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and Educating the World’s Patients

  • Posted on: Mar 3 2017
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With all the misconceptions about plastic surgery that exist in many cultures, our work as ISAPS members is crucial to educating the public about plastic surgery. Public education is one of the fundamental responsibilities of all ISAPS members, ranking in equal importance with safety and ethics. And it’s increasingly needed in a world where plastic surgery rates increase by double digits each year.

ISAPS works to educate patients by providing a variety of resources on its website, including information about common procedures, a medical travel guide, links to other websites, newsletters and blogs.

In addition, the elected ISAPS National Secretary in each country is responsible for monitoring the accuracy and ethics of local consumer advocates and media. He or she also provides clear, accurate information about plastic surgery to media outlets and consumer advocates.

ISAPS Endorsed Programs are educational activities sponsored and produced by ISAPS members, National Secretaries and National Societies, and all ISAPS members are encouraged to attend free, one-day symposia that provide education and development. This is an excellent way to keep increasing your own knowledge base, which in turn benefits your patients, colleagues and communities when you communicate this knowledge to them through your publicity materials. Updated information about ISAPS Instructional Courses can be found on the website, in ISAPS News, and in our journal, Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

The ISAPS executive committee regularly reviews the accuracy of public information and advertising related to plastic surgery, in order to ensure that the general public is well-informed. Members are encouraged to provide their services without charge to local hospitals and clinics, and to provide reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgery to those in need, through programs such as the ISAPS-LEAP Surgical Relief Teams. Through such efforts, surgeons have more opportunities to communicate directly with the public. ISAPS members regularly contribute to media coverage of plastic surgery trends and consumer information.

With the continued growth of plastic surgery procedures around the world, the benefits provided to patients and the public by ISAPS and its members has never been more crucial. Take pride in yourself and your work by educating your patients and the public about all the expertise and information you and ISAPS have to offer!

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