Introducing the ISAPS Olympiad

  • Posted on: Jul 17 2019
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As an organization, ISAPS is always trying to find new ways to educate and inspire our international members. We are excited to announce that the foundation stone for the first ISAPS Olympiad has been laid!

The first ISAPS Olympiad will take place in September 2021 in Athens, Greece. Together with ISAPS President-Elect Nazim Cerkes and Education Council Chair Vakis Kontoes, ISAPS President Dirk Richter explored some of the famous sights in Athens, including the Acropolis and the Congress Building. They found Athens to be very worthy of this premiere event.

During the ISAPS Olympiad, different speakers from different countries will compete against each other in various disciplines. The audience and the jury will decide who ends up on the podium and receives a medal. We look forward to sharing more news about this exciting event with you in the future.

From left to right, ISAPS President-Elect Nazim Cerkes, ISAPS President Dirk Richter, and ISAPS Education Council Chair Vakis Kontoes in Athens, Greece.

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