Insider SEO Strategies to Increase the Visibility of Your Website on Google

One of the biggest marketing frustrations that plastic surgeons can face is that their website doesn’t show up toward the top of Google’s search results. When people search for plastic surgery in their local area, chances are that they are going to go with one of the top hits that Google gives them. After all, Google wouldn’t have put them at the top if they weren’t the best, right? Not necessarily…

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an often overlooked aspect of digital marketing by plastic surgeons, but is absolutely vital if you want an effective website that brings people into your practice. If you designed your site yourself, you may not know the tricks and tips that the professionals use to make sure that Google and other search engines categorize their sites as high-quality, relevant content. This web ranking is the reason some sites get placed at the top of their results, while others are buried a few pages in. Here are some strategies that you can put into action immediately to improve your website’s SEO and boost its web ranking.

Check Out the Top Results

An excellent place to start is to look at how you stack up against your plastic surgery competitors on Google.

Type in a relevant combination of keywords about plastic surgery, and see which websites come up. Click on them and study them. Look at the words that are in the title of the site. Are there words that recur throughout the website? How often is the site updated? What kind of content is on the site? If you can learn what works on your competitors’ sites, you can repeat it on yours.

Pro tip: Use a private browser window to prevent Google from using your prior search history to influence your search results.

Research Keywords

Keywords are incredibly important. Without them, Google won’t know what your website is about, let alone be able to show your site to people who are looking for your services.

Based on the research you did above, start coming up with a list of keywords that you believe people would search for when looking for your website. You can run each of these through the Google Keyword Planner to see how many people actually search for them. Remember, keywords don’t have to be single words. They can be phrases that people will search for: “the best plastic surgery in London” for example.

Make sure that you put keywords in your page title. Don’t overstuff it with them, but make sure that it hits the key points of your business, for example, the keyword “cosmetic surgery” and your location.

Mobile Optimize

Years ago, the internet was primarily accessed on desktop and laptop computers. Websites were formatted to fit on those larger screens, making the most of the screen real estate. Today, more and more people are accessing the internet primarily on their phone. That means that if your website isn’t mobile optimized, it could be almost impossible to use on a smaller screen.

Whether you are using a website-building service to make your own website, or you’re working with a professional web developer, make sure that having a mobile-friendly version of your site is high on your to-do list. If people visit your site on their phone and it isn’t optimized for mobile devices, they are simply going to tap the “back” button and go to a website that offers them a better user experience.

Provide Quality Content

No one is going to stay on your website if you aren’t providing quality content to your visitors. The more people who come to your website, the higher it will rank, so you need to have fantastic content to draw people to your site and keep them there for a while.

As a plastic surgery practice, you have the opportunity to put far more on your website than simple descriptions of the procedures you offer. You could have a blog, featuring a variety of topics about plastic surgery. Posting blogs not only keeps your website updated on a regular basis, it also gives you something to post on your social media channels.

You should also make sure that you are linking all of your social media networks, including Instagram, to your website. If you aren’t using Instagram as a method of sharing plastic surgery photos and videos, you are missing out on a huge marketing opportunity.

Get Your Site Audited by a Professional

As a plastic surgeon, would you want an amateur to perform surgery on you? Of course not!

When building a website, it can pay to hire a professional experienced in SEO to audit it. Although these tips can give you a good start in improving the SEO of your site, a professional is able to see all of the details you may miss, all of the smaller things that you can do to boost your web ranking on Google, Bing and other search engines.

When you are writing the copy for your site, don’t forget to mention that you are an ISAPS Plastic Surgeon. ISAPS is recognized the world over (and by Google) as sign that you are a respected professional in your field. By adding “ISAPS Plastic Surgeon” to your site as a prominent keyword, you may just get that extra boost up the search engine results!


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