Why It’s So Important to Complete the ISAPS International Study of Cosmetic Procedures!

  • Posted on: Feb 22 2018
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The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) plays a number of vital roles in our worldwide industry. Not only do we host over 30 official ISAPS symposia and courses every year, we also give our members access to a global network of fellow plastic surgeons. We contribute to the worldwide education of both patients and the media about plastic surgery techniques and ethics. But we think that one of the most important things we do as an organization is gather data from around the world to create our annual International Study of Cosmetic Procedures (referred to internally as the Global Survey)!

ISAPS is the only organization in the world that compiles plastic surgery data from countless clinics and practices in over 100 countries. With the help of Industry Insights (an independent third party who collects and analyzes the results), we create a comprehensive 100+ page document filled with detailed statistical information for the media to access.

Each year in the International Study of Cosmetic Procedures, we report the international popularity of plastic surgery procedures, broken down by country, age and gender, a very useful tool for any plastic surgery practice.

Unfortunately, we can’t create the ISAPS International Study of Cosmetic Procedures alone. We need the help of all of our ISAPS members, including yourself, to provide the data necessary to create this accurate and useful document for both ISAPS Plastic Surgeons and the public at large. The numbers reported by ISAPS provide a clear picture of plastic surgery trends and procedures in both individual countries and around the world. There are so many reasons why you should complete the ISAPS International Study of Cosmetic Procedures, and here are just a few of them.

Get Media Attention

The ISAPS International Study of Cosmetic Procedures are awaited by the media every year, as they provide thought-provoking material for many stories about plastic surgery worldwide. As soon as the Statistics are released, you begin to see the mainstream media and bloggers quoting data and numbers they feel are of interest to their readers and viewers. Did you know that the ISAPS International Study of Cosmetic Procedures brought in $123 million (US) dollars in the last quarter of 2017 and was featured in over 7,000 editorial articles!?

The media trusts ISAPS to deliver this information because: a) they know our numbers are reliable and accurate, and b) it is presented in such a straightforward and accessible way. If they really want to dig into the details of the data, they can go to the main report. If they just want the highlights, they can go to the Quick Facts sheet that is released every year alongside the survey.

With this barrage of media attention come opportunities to raise the profile of you and your practice. If any media outlet is looking for interviews, it only makes sense to go with a plastic surgeon who actually belongs to the organization that publishes the survey. Put out feelers to the media outlets in your area, that you are available for commentary on the ISAPS International Study of Cosmetic Procedures. This can actually open the door to further media opportunities down the line, as you will have proven to them that you are a trusted expert in your field (another advantage of being an ISAPS member).

Identify Plastic Surgery Trends

One of the most important jobs of a successful plastic surgeon has less to do with practicing medicine, and more to do with the business of your practice. It’s to watch trends and fads. It’s to look at the cosmetic landscape and predict what is going to be hot and popular in years to come. In many ways, this is similar to the fashion industry. After all, who wants to be caught selling last year’s styles? It’s the same with cosmetic surgery.

This requires far more than just following pop culture to see what is popular and what isn’t. Knowing the historic trends and popularity of plastic surgery procedures available today enables you to predict whether they will be in demand in the future, and what newer procedures are on the rise. In other words, if you want to know what is going to be big in the next few years, you need reliable, solid data. Enter the yearly ISAPS International Study of Cosmetic Procedures!

Find Comparison Data

When measuring the performance of your own plastic surgery practice, it’s helpful to compare it to the performance of other practices and clinics in your country. This kind of data can be tricky to get your hands on, as your competitors are unlikely to simply hand it over to you.


The ISAPS International Study of Cosmetic Procedures, however, can provide you with a fantastic overview of the entire plastic surgery field in your home country. It gives you a metric to compare the number of procedures you performed last year to the national and global average. You can then use this data to start identifying potential opportunities for expanding your practice. For example, if you were to examine the last few years of the ISAPS International Study of Cosmetic Procedures and notice that there has been a rise in the number of men looking for non-invasive cosmetic procedures, it might be an excellent idea to direct some of your marketing efforts toward that group.

Incentives on Completing the Global Survey!

ISAPS will soon start collecting the data for the 2017 International Study of Cosmetic Procedures, and your input is invaluable. It is the data provided by our members that allow us to compile this comprehensive and detailed survey. If you want to participate in a global effort to raise the profile of plastic surgery for the better and help generate data that we all can benefit from, then make sure you fill out the ISAPS Global Survey this year! After all, you wouldn’t want to have to admit that you didn’t bother filling it out when you get to this year’s ISAPS Congress at Miami Beach, Florida, would you? Also, we will be offering incentives to those who complete the Global Survey! Just stay tuned for details in the coming months!


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