Why Getting Plastic Surgery to Please Someone Else Should Be a “No!”

  • Posted on: Feb 20 2018
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There are few things as personal as your appearance, and one else should pressure you into changing it (especially permanently). There are many different kinds of pressure that can lead to someone seeking a cosmetic surgical procedure, even when, deep down, he or she might not really want it.

Peer and Societal Pressure

Peer and societal pressure can be incredibly difficult on all of us, especially teenagers. Teens as young as fourteen often look and compare themselves and their bodies to grown models, movie stars, and other celebrities. Of course, that isn’t to say there isn’t a tremendous amount of pressure on adults as well. Being employed around younger people can sometimes make us feel self-conscious about our age, especially if attention is drawn to it by others.

Images in the media can impact us all, often making us feel like we don’t “measure up” to an unrealistic standard, and distorting our personal view of ourselves. As a result, some look to plastic surgery as a solution to this “problem”.

ISAPS Plastic Surgeons are experts in aesthetics. We know that those media images are often completely artificial, and we aren’t talking about cosmetic surgery. The makeup work done prior to any photo or movie shoot is extensive, covering any perceived flaws before a single shot is even taken. Any other issues can be eliminated in post-production, with photo editing and enhancement. The images of models and celebrities in the media are flawless, because they were intentionally made that way. You might be surprised at the number of stunning stars who suffer from skin conditions like acne or eczema, just like the rest of us. Knowing this can help reduce some of the pressure that we might feel to look “just like” them.

Personal Pressure

Of course, there is another other kind of pressure, a more personal kind. You sometimes hear stories about people who get plastic surgery to please someone else, often someone they love. A boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse or family member might point out a perceived flaw and present plastic surgery as a way of correcting it. As plastic surgeons, these kind of stories can, at best, make us uncomfortable. At worse, they can absolutely horrify us.

One of the most common tales is that of a woman whose boyfriend or husband is pressuring her into breast enhancement surgery. More often than not, this is because of her partner’s preference for larger breasts, and has little or nothing to do with how a woman actually feels about herself and her body. This sort of pressure can cause far more damage than just emotional. It can drive people to go in for plastic surgery procedures they aren’t ready for, or that they simply don’t really want. The pressure can push them to accept surgeries that have lengthy recoveries or possibilities of complications. This is just incredibly unfair as, in the end, you are the one who is going to be living with your results for the rest of your life.

It doesn’t really matter what kind of pressure, either peer, societal, or personal, that pushes someone to get plastic surgery. External pressure is the number one reason why patients might feel “buyer’s remorse” after a procedure. Even if the surgery goes perfectly, those who felt pressured into the surgery are often unhappy with their results. Really, the one and only reason to get plastic surgery, or any kind of cosmetic procedure, should be because YOU want it. The decision should be yours and yours alone.

If you are thinking about getting plastic surgery, but are feeling somewhat pressured about it, going to an ISAPS Plastic Surgeon can be an excellent step to take. Professional and reputable plastic surgeons, like the ones who are members of ISAPS, truly listen to their patients, and their reasons for wanting cosmetic procedures. They provide their patients with the unvarnished truth about plastic surgery and the reasons to have it. If an ISAPS Plastic Surgeon feels that plastic surgery isn’t for you, he or she will talk to you about it and explain the reasons why. If you truly want a procedure for yourself, but are just feeling a bit nervous, your surgeon should be able to address any fears you might have about plastic surgery. Either way, a consultation with an ISAPS Plastic Surgeon prior to any serious cosmetic commitment is ALWAYS a great idea. No pressure!

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