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GCA Academy™ is the core of GC Aesthetics®, a Confident Choice for Life™. Continue your medical education throughout your career by keeping up-to-date with new innovations and procedures has never been easier.

The main aim of GCA Academy™ is to improve patient outcomes by looking for excellence in clinical practice. We do this by raising the bar on scientific knowledge all over the world regarding augmentation, revision and reconstruction breast surgery in order to help empower surgeons to grow.

GCA Academy™ is not only a digital platform, but a network of top health care professionals that love their job and want to give back to the medical community. Expert led scientific meetings covering difficult cases with the best practices, surgeries with small groups of plastic surgeons and advisory boards are also part of the Academy.

On this 24/7 multi-language platform, you will find a broad portfolio of resources:  from live talks by prestigious world-wide KOLs, state-of-the-art updates on surgical techniques & approaches, virtual workshops to remote consultation tools and business boost ideas and much more.

One of the most recent updates on the GCA Academy™ platform is from two well- known professors Prof. Franck Duteille & Prof Dr. Berend van der Lei, experts who have extensive experience in breast augmentation and reconstruction based in France & The Netherlands. During this webinar they shared with us the importance of long-term clinical studies for breast implants, and what can be expected after 10- and 15-years implantation regarding safety and performance. They also discussed complications that can be expected and patient satisfaction after implantation. These types of clinical studies are critical in order to give insights into the differences of implants currently on the market. They also can provide and objective tool for surgeons when they are selecting an implant and help manage the patient journey

Please do not miss the opportunity to learn more about breast surgery from our experts.

To explore the available sessions in GCA Academy™, register for future events and learn more, please click here: www.gcaacademy.com.

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