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The following post is a guest post from GC Aesthetics, an ISAPS Gold Global Sponsor.

With 40 years of experience developing, manufacturing and distributing silicone implants around the world, GC Aesthetics has taken the next step in its transformation to offer a complete solution platform to our customers, plastic surgeons and patients. As the market leader, we aim to be the partner of choice for our customers before, during and after surgery.

At the end of 2019 we launched Eve 4.0, a digital consultation solution platform. Eve 4.0 offers the ability to simulate a breast augmentation or reconstruction using the latest augmented reality technology. This solution is supporting doctors and patients during the decision-making process and also delivers a realistic view of the expected result post-surgery.

In an era where everybody has access to the newest technologies, Eve 4.0 is the answer. This easy-to-use digital application can be installed on an iPad Pro together with a handheld scanner, allowing real time results to be put on a larger screen for real time review.

Why should you choose Eve 4.0?

Simulations help surgeons to save time in the consultation. It’s true that when you use Eve 4.0 you will need to take 1-2 minutes to scan your patient. But, the phrase “a picture is worth 1000 words” holds true, as you can actually save between 5-15 minutes of time because the discussion with your patient is made significantly easier by showing the simulation.

When you show the simulation to your patient it helps to properly educate her on why you recommend a particular shape or size. Your conversation is much clearer and you and your patient can both have the confidence that you are fully aligned. Our motto at GC Aesthetics is a confident choice for life. Using a simulation in the consultation helps both surgeons and patients to be more confident in their decision.

Unfortunately, patient dissatisfaction with the size or the shape of the breast after breast augmentation is not an uncommon occurrence, and reoperation for size or shape change has been noted to occur in up to 20% of patients.* By using simulation, post-surgery patient satisfaction seems to be substantially increased by managing patient expectations.**

Using Eve 4.0, in combination with the full range of GCA breast implants (Impleo, the Round Collection, the Matrix, etc.), is a win-win solution for both surgeons and patients. Eve 4.0 helps patients to envisage their future body, while assisting surgeons to select the best implant and to better educate patients on their options.

GCA believes in supporting patients throughout their entire journey, which is why we have launched this new platform. We are passionate about moving our industry forward through innovation. Eve 4.0 is just the first step.

Through a culture of continuous innovation and dedication to the needs of our customers, GCA has become a leading partner of medical aesthetics solutions and is the long-term partner-of-choice for both surgeons and patients.

* Codner MA, Mejia JD Locke MB, Mahoney A, Thiels C, Nahai FR, Hester TR, Nahai F. A 15-year experience with primary breast augmentation. Plast Reconstr Surg. 2011 Mar; 127(3):1300-10

** Global study on 3D benefits within the aesthetics field, Dennis C. Hammond & Jaime Garcia

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