GC Aesthetics (GCA): GCA Academy – updates on breast surgery

The following post is a guest post from GC Aesthetics, an ISAPS Gold Global Sponsor.

GCA Academy is the platform that has state of the art updates on techniques, approaches and everything about breast aesthetic and reconstructive surgery.

With weekly and biweekly events, keeping up with updates, innovations and procedures has never been easier. The platform hosts top tips and techniques, talks by key opinion leaders and exclusive virtual workshops. The fundamental goal of the GCA Academy is continual medical education: the dissemination of scientific knowledge, empowering surgeons to grow.  

From breast reconstruction, aesthetic augmentation to remote consultation tools, business boost ideas, complication outcomes and how to resolve, GCA Academy is the complete platform to learn from top professionals. Whether a graduate or an advanced surgeon, our programs are aimed to support continuous medical education throughout your career.  

On January 15th, renowed Plastic Surgeon Dr. Fréderic Germain will live stream a surgery using GCA’s latest innovation PERLETM and HYDROCONETM, for a breast augmentation. To explore the available sessions, register for future events, and learn more, please click here. Join GCA Academy today!  

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