GC Aesthetics (GCA): GCA Academy™, empowering surgeons to grow

The following post is a guest post from GC Aesthetics, an ISAPS Gold Global Sponsor.

GCA Academy™ is much more than the GC Aesthetics® learning platform for Surgeons.  

Our academy was founded in 2014, grounded in an ethical and scientific approach,  committed to taking MEDICAL EDUCATION to the next level. 

The GCA Academy™ provides a progressive learning forum for surgeons, with a focus on advanced scientific knowledge, surgical approaches, and clinical management in order to upskill surgeons, drive clinical excellence and improve patient outcomes.  

How can GCA Academy™ help you?

  • LEARN FROM OTHER SURGEONS in the field & EXPAND your knowledge.
  • IMPROVE PATIENT OUTCOMES by looking for EXCELLENCE in clinical practice.
  • Have a CONFIDENT PARTNER for the entire JOURNEY.

On our 24/7 multi-language platform, you will find a broad portfolio of resources:  from live talks by prestigious world-wide KOLs, hosts tips and tricks, state-of-the-art updates on surgical techniques & approaches, virtual workshops to remote consultation tools and business boost ideas.

The most recent update on the GCA Academy™ platform is from Mr Taimur Shoaib, an expert with extensive experience in breast augmentation and reconstruction based in the United Kingdom.                                                                         

Mr Shoaib presented: Simultaneous Breast Augmentation with Mastopexy using PERLE to our GCA Academy™ members where he discussed his surgical planning and surgical approach when combining mastopexy and breast augmentation using PERLE™. Mr Shoaib also showed retrospective data (last 10 years) based on his experience when doing single-stage augmentation mastopexy, and he provided data and statistics on complications and cosmesis.

Please do not miss the opportunity to learn more about breast surgery from our experts. 

To explore the available sessions in GCA Academy™, register for future events and learn more, please click here: www.gcaacademy.com  

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