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The following post is a guest post from GC Aesthetics, an ISAPS Gold Global Sponsor.

IMPLEO™ Smooth used with fantastic results in the surgical treatment of Capsular Contracture.  

This year IMPLEO™ Smooth by GC Aesthetics® was featured in a published paper in February 2021 by Italian Plastic Surgeons for proving great results in revision surgery. The objective of this clinical review, was to provide an overview of the use of breast implants after capsular contracture (CC) as surgical treatment, with a focus on the type of surface used.  

On  May 29th, GC Aesthetics® hosted an English webinar where the Italian Surgeons and Professors discussed their experience with IMPLEO™ Smooth as surgical treatment titled: Capsular Contracture: Revision surgery with Smooth Breast implants. At GCA we promote learning resources and create digital and physical places of academic medical discussions and research to breed innovation.  

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For more details, you can read and download the full original clinical review here.

In GC Aesthetics®, it is not only about what is important now in medical aesthetics, but what will be important for the future. The next generations of plastic surgeons are key for this discipline, and we want to have them onboard and help them in their learning path.  

The most recent updates on the GCA Academy™ platform include two webinars one in English and the other in Spanish from prestigious physicians from all over the world: 

  • Dr Alexandre Piassi & Mr. Navid Jallali who presented “BII/ASIA: Truths and Controversies”. 
  • Prof. Dr. Enrique Pedro Gagliardi, Dr. Enrique Castro Riglos, Dr. Felipe Estévez Trujillo and Dr. Enrique Gagliardi in a spanish presentation “Café con expertos: Implantes, texturizados versus lisos ¿o ambos? 

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn more about breast surgery from our experts. 

To explore the available sessions in GCA Academy™, register for future events and learn more, please click here: www.gcaacademy.com  

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