Five Ways to Supercharge Your Marketing in 2019

Happy new year… almost!

Around December every year, we start to look ahead to what the marketing landscape for plastic surgeons will look like a year from now. What trends will catch on? What gimmicks will fade? And how can you make the best use of your current resources to create a supercharged marketing campaign for your plastic surgery practice in 2019? Well, here are a few ideas…

Content Marketing
If you were to look for blogs about how to supercharge your marketing back in 2018, 2017, 2016, or 2015, chances are that you would see “Content Marketing” high on the list. And there is a good reason; it works.

The concept of content marketing has been evolving over the last few years as new tools and apps become available. Although blogs and infographics are still great for social media marketing and for keeping your website alive and regularly updated, online video has been making huge inroads into the content marketing sphere. If you want to double down on the engagement of your content, you could start to pair your blog with a video of you talking about the same topic. Posted to YouTube, this can help strengthen the connection between you and your audience. If you already have a YouTube channel where you publish plastic surgery content, this can be a way to give it a more educational slant.

Keeping Up-to-Date on the Latest Cosmetic Procedures

There are many plastic surgeons out there who “stay in their lane” with the procedures they offer. They rarely get trained in new procedures, as that could take time and energy away from their practice. Better to stick with reliable procedures that everyone wants, right? Wrong.

There is a reason people are always lined up for days before an iPhone launch. Millennials are a generation that wants the latest and greatest, and if you don’t have it, they will go elsewhere. By keeping up-to-date with the latest cosmetic procedures on the market and investing in the ones that catch your attention, you will have a significant advantage over your competitors. You may even have a chance to define your practice as the “go-to” for this new procedure as it becomes more and more mainstream.

In-Person Marketing

Even though the internet has digitally connected all of us around the globe, we can sometimes feel more isolated than ever. There is something about that spark of in-person human contact that we crave, and when we get it, it can create a powerful, real connection.

By hosting a few open houses or events at your plastic surgery practice throughout the year, you will be offering your patients that human touch. This will allow you to connect with your patients on a personal, in addition to a professional, level. You can use these events to launch new products and procedures, celebrate milestones, or draw in new clients. Make sure there is always some kind of a draw for these events to bring people in: for example, a percentage off a new procedure or a bundled offer for others. In-person events can be a challenge to organize, but they are more than worth it when it comes to connecting with your clients one-on-one, and you can easily delegate the work to one of your staff with great organizational skills.

It could be argued that podcasting is the breakthrough entertainment and educational platform of the 2010s. Every year, more and more people are listening to podcasts. There are podcasts for every topic under the sun, including plastic surgery, and you should get in on it as soon as you can.

Even if you don’t want to create and host your own podcast (although this could be a great way to boost your profile), there are many other ways you can benefit from podcast marketing. You could consider sponsoring a podcast. Or, even better, become a guest on one. That can be easier than you might think. Do a quick search for podcasts featuring plastic surgery, contact the host, and share your credentials. Again, your position as an ISAPS Member is invaluable!

People have called podcasts “the radio of the 21st century,” and that’s true… with one major difference. When you do radio advertising, the DJ will recite your advertisement a few times throughout the day, and that’s it. It will never be rebroadcast, and you will need to pay more for future spots. With podcasts, you only need to pay once, and your advertisement will be part of it forever. Whenever people download that episode, they will hear your sponsorship or interview just as it existed when the episode first debuted!

Tying Plastic Surgery to Fitness and Health
The goal of plastic surgery is to rejuvenate your patients, so they are radiating youth and health. Funny enough, that’s the same goal of exercise.

By promoting a healthy lifestyle, you can start to tie your practice into the idea of looking your best, through plastic surgery AND exercise together. You could look into sponsoring a fitness event of some kind in your local market, like a marathon. You could also cultivate partnerships with local gyms, yoga studios and other fitness-related businesses, cross-marketing with them to attract their customers to your practice, and your patients to their establishments.

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