Five important points for a successful job advertisement

The applicants who come to you are only as good as your job advertisements. We present important aspects that you should consider in order for your next job advertisement to succeed.

Target group definition

First of all, define who you want to address with your job posting. The design and content formulation depend on the target group. Note that young people prefer different formulations and images than older people.


Describe clearly which added benefits you can offer potential applicants. For example, flexible working hours and further educational opportunities.

Emotional address

Emotions play an important role in the decision-making process. A successful job advertisement generates positive feelings in the reader. If this sympathy for your practice and curiosity for the tasks ahead is felt, you have already achieved a lot. Emotions are well demonstrated by team photos.

Short and concrete

Use short, compact sentences. Avoid general standard characteristics such as flexibility, team spirit or readiness for action. Instead, accurately describe the skills you expect from your new employee. For example, explain future tasks and the skills required for them.

Use various channels

Post your job advertisement not only on your website or as a practice notice. Use the various possibilities of social media and spread the advertisement on different online channels. In particular, career networks are a good way to reach many potential candidates.

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