Dreaming About a Mommy Makeover? Consider These 5 Important Factors!

  • Posted on: Dec 27 2017
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Making the decision to have a child changes everything. It transforms the way you look at the world, expands your hopes and dreams for the future, and it certainly changes your body! Often, women who want to find their way back to their pre-pregnancy body discover that no amount of diet and exercise will completely restore their body back to the way it was. This is where cosmetic and plastic surgery can help. A Mommy Makeover is a custom-designed combination of surgical procedures that can help a mom feel confident and comfortable again with her body. If this is something you are considering, there are a number of things you should think about before deciding to have a Mommy Makeover.

1. Finding the Right Surgeon

As with any cosmetic surgery decision, choosing the right plastic surgeon is the single most important decision of the entire process. Although some prospective patients may begin and end their search based on cost, there are far more important factors you need to consider – like the surgeon’s specific aesthetic expertise, medical qualifications and level of specialized training in aesthetic plastic surgery. Ask yourself, is this simply a doctor who performs cosmetic procedures, or is this a board-certified aesthetic plastic surgeon who has had to undergo the most rigorous level of aesthetic surgical training in order to qualify? You can do this homework yourself, or you can take an easier route by visiting our ISAPS Member Directory and choosing from ISAPS plastic surgeons near you who, even to be admitted into ISAPS, must possess the highest level of aesthetic plastic surgery training in their country and be board-certified (or its equivalent).

2. Knowing Which Surgeries Might Be Right for You

There is no “one size fits all” Mommy Makeover out there. Everyone’s body is different and, therefore, each personal Mommy Makeover will be made up of a variety of different cosmetic procedures that are usually performed in the same setting. Some of the more popular procedures include breast lifts, tummy tucks, liposuction, breast augmentations and Brazilian butt lifts. You can choose which procedures you want, in consultation with your plastic surgeon, who will give you his or her professional recommendations to help you look your best.

3. Deciding Whether You Want More Children in the Future

Some of the surgical procedures involved in a Mommy Makeover can make having children in the future more complicated. A breast lift or augmentation can sometimes make breastfeeding more difficult because of removed breast tissue and scar tissue that can be present after the procedure. A tummy tuck can give you fantastic results, but if you become pregnant again, these wonderful results can soon vanish. Depending on your goals, you may wish to wait until you are finished having children before you decide to have any Mommy Makeover cosmetic surgical procedures.

4. Maintaining Your Results with Healthy Living

A Mommy Makeover can give you remarkable results, but it isn’t magic! Being fit and having a healthy weight will help speed recovery and maximize results after your surgeries. After you have a Mommy Makeover, you should still try to have a healthy, active lifestyle to maintain your results.

5. Planning for Recovery Time

As with any surgical procedure, there’s always downtime to be expected while your body recovers. Speak to your plastic surgeon about how long this is expected to be, and how many nights (if any) will you can expect to be in the hospital? Will you be able to drive right away, or will you need to wait for a few days? What about heavy lifting? And don’t forget, you’ll likely want help looking after your children, running errands, doing household chores and preparing meals during this period! The more prepared you are for all these arrangements, the easier and less stressful your recovery will be!

A Mommy Makeover can make all the difference to restoring your confidence and sense of “self” after having chldren, but it isn’t right for everyone. If you’re curious about what you can expect, start your journey with an ISAPS Plastic Surgeon by visiting our member directory and scheduling a consult today!

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