Creative Ways to Create a Memorable Experience for Your Clients

As a plastic surgeon, you are in an inherently creative industry. Like all artists, you have a vision of the results you want to create. The only difference is that your tools are scalpels and high-tech medical instruments rather than a paintbrush or pen.

This creativity needs to extend beyond your work in surgery; it should also be inherent in your customer service. Finding unique ways to connect with your patients to leave them with a memorable experience is an essential part of building a successful practice.

Increased Personalization
Plastic surgery is a very personal business. After all, no two people look quite the same, and everyone has their own insecurities. Because of this, no one wants to feel like they are part of an “assembly line” when they come to see a plastic surgeon.

Even though performing these procedures may be routine for you, many of your patients might be feeling mildly nervous or even scared out of their minds. It can pay to put an increased focus on personalization at your plastic surgery practice, to help put your patients at ease and make them feel like they are special. This could range from free one-on-one consultations to a check-in call a few months after their recovery to see how they like their results. Just calling them by their first name and remembering some details about them is a great start!

Give Them a Fun Surprise!
Although offering discounts to patients can be a great way to boost their customer experience, sometimes a surprise can be even better.

After a non-surgical procedure, perhaps give your patients a free and unexpected gift. It could be anything from a cosmetic product that could complement their results to a coupon for a free procedure after they’ve recovered. Surprises can be very memorable, so give them one!

Start a Rewards Program
In terms of making a customer feel valued, it’s hard to beat a good rewards program.

Now, we aren’t suggesting handing out “Get 9 Botox Injections, Get the 10th Free,” cards. But putting a rewards program into place where your patients can get a discount on their birthday or exclusive coupons on special occasions can really make them feel valued.

The key behind a good rewards program is a feeling of progression. You want your patients to feel like they are working toward something. That the more cosmetic procedures that they get, the more progress they make. You could even create a variety of rewards levels to encourage your patients to come in for more procedures more often, with more compelling enticements the higher up in the program they get. Have some fun with it!

Have a Robust Patient Feedback Mechanism
Have you ever been blindsided by a negative online review?

If you have a patient who is less than satisfied with your services, the last thing you want is for them to go online to vent about it. It’s much better if you can catch their complaint early on so you can deal with it personally. This is one of the reasons a robust patient feedback mechanism can be so valuable. If your patients feel like they can give you feedback and criticism, and that you will genuinely listen to them, they will feel like valued customers.

If a patient’s negative feedback does fall through the cracks and end up in an online review, it’s imperative that you address it as soon as possible. Respond directly on the site so that other customers will be able to see that you and your practice take your customers’ experiences very seriously and that you will do whatever you can to make things right.

Be Innovative
There is a reason there are always crazy lineups for the new iPhone every year. Some people always want the “latest and greatest” in technology, and they are willing to put in extra effort to get it.

It can be the same with plastic surgery. It’s important that you keep up with the latest and greatest plastic surgery procedures and get them in your practice as soon as possible. If you can offer a procedure before any of your competitors, there’s a good chance that your practice will become synonymous with that procedure in your market. Sure, other practices will be offering it sooner or later, but you will have had a healthy head start on them.

By offering your patients the cutting edge of cosmetic procedures, you will be providing them with a fantastic and memorable customer experience.

Of course, the primary way that you can offer your patients a memorable experience is by delivering outstanding results. If they look in a mirror after their recovery period and are happy with what they see, then you’ve done your job! You need to build up a reputation for excellent work, quality customer service, and reassurance that you are a professional in your field. ISAPS membership is one of the best ways that you can communicate to patients that you are well accredited as a plastic surgeon and recognized by others in your field. Being a member of ISAPS should always be one of your first steps in offering your patients a memorable plastic surgery experience.

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