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Recently Issued FDA Update

FDA Safe Communication about Breast Implants The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recently published a safe communication about breast implants to inform the public about reports of cancers, including squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) and and ALCL in the capsule that forms around breast implants. The FDA learned about these reports through their continual post market review… Read More »


ISAPS Sets a New Record

We are excited to announce that we have reached the highest number of members on record since the start of our society. ISAPS now has 5,138 members represented in 117 Countries! These numbers reflect the diversity and true international mission of our organization of board-certified aesthetic plastic surgeons. The more educational perspectives and technological advancements… Read More »

Ticktock: ISAPS World Congress Early Bird Discount Ends August 20, 2022

Register today for the ISAPS World Congress 2022 in Istanbul, Turkey, and secure your place at the most comprehensive scientific program in Aesthetic Plastic surgery history! The 2022 program includes a faculty of 400+ speakers leading 47 master classes, 23 keynote lectures, 12 meet-the-expert sessions, diverse trending topic panels, a focus on regenerative surgery, and… Read More »

ISAPS Announces New Educational Collaboration with Paradigm Medical Communications, LLC

Join experts Dr. Patricia A. McGuire, Dr. William P. Adams Jr, and Dr. Caroline Glicksman for this 1.25-hour, interactive CME-certified, on-demand webinar. The faculty will discuss BIA-ALCL, including its presentation and relative risk, current research on its etiology and prevention, protocols for appropriate management of asymptomatic patients with textured implants, and effective plans to educate… Read More »

ISAPS Global Survey

Contribute to the Visibility of your Specialty and Country! The ISAPS Global Survey is the only international scientific study on aesthetic surgical and non-surgical procedures performed by plastic surgeons. The information gathered secures media engagement and reliable coverage of the constantly developing practice of aesthetic plastic surgery.  For a country to be represented, we need to… Read More »

ISAPS Fellowship Program – Application Deadline: May 1, 2022

ISAPS Fellowship Program – A Foundation for Professional Development The plastic surgery industry continues to grow and advance daily, new techniques and technologies are constantly changing, and aims for improvement are imperative. What better way to achieve success in the industry, than with an ISAPS Fellowship? The ISAPS Fellowship Program is a fantastic opportunity to… Read More »