6 Ways to Successfully Market Your Practice

  • Posted on: Jan 2 2018
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The best thing about the coming of a new year is that it is a blank slate. It’s stretched out in front of you, like new-fallen snow. That makes it the perfect time to reboot your marketing strategy for your plastic surgery practice. If you are relying on older methods of advertising like print media, you are missing out on some very cost-effective methods of digital marketing that can increase engagement and bring new patients into your clinic.

Reboot Your Social Media

Engagement with your patients is vital, and social media offers you the chance to be in contact with them almost 24/7. Once they join your Facebook page or follow your Twitter feed, your posts have the potential to spark conversation with them. Social media also allows them the opportunity to connect with you instantly in a convenient way. The trick, of course, is that you need to actually be engaged with your practice’s social media channels. If you haven’t posted anything new on Facebook for years, or you only have three Tweets on your Twitter feed, this can reflect very poorly on your business and drive away a certain clientele. If updating your social media isn’t exactly your cup of tea, talk to your staff about how they can help. You’re sure to find one or two who would be happy to expand their roles on your team by posting up-to-date Tweets, keeping your Facebook page fresh and uploading new images to Instagram.

Social media isn’t all about you and what you post, though. It’s about your patients, and what they have to say. When replying to comments and questions posted by your patients, always make sure to keep your tone positive and professional, just as you would if they were standing right in front of you. Remember, the internet is forever! So, your staff should always bring any sensitive comments promptly to your personal attention.

Facebook also offers you the possibility of inexpensive and incredibly effective marketing with Facebook Ads. This allows you to tailor your advertising to target specific demographics and regions, which means that you can get your message out there to your precise target audience. Facebook Ads can also provide you with valuable information about prospective patients’ engagement with these ads. By looking at this information, you can craft even more effective ads, increasing engagement and providing you with valuable data for the future.

Get a Great New Website

A website is your digital storefront. If a prospective patient walks into your clinic, only to see that it looks like it hasn’t been spruced up or refurbished in the last ten years, do you think they will want to stay? Of course not, they’ll likely walk out and look for another plastic surgery clinic that makes an effort. It’s the same thing with your website. If your website is out-of-date, unattractive, poorly written and not mobile-optimized, it is more likely to drive away your prospective patients than draw them in.

Designing your own website is never a good idea. Would a website designer inject her own Botox? This is where you want to hire a professional who has the training and experience to deliver a first-rate service. There is no shortage of website developers online, so look around until you find one whose designs really speak to you. A new website might just be the best thing you can do for your marketing strategy this year.

Start Using SnapChat

For many plastic surgeons today, being on camera is just part of the job.

SnapChat offers plastic surgeons a way to directly connect with their patients and fans. Many medical professionals use SnapChat to provide a constant stream of entertaining and educational content to their viewers. These videos can include plastic surgical procedures (with the patient’s consent, of course), how-to guides, or simply explanations of popular cosmetic procedures. By showing off their personality and knowledge, many plastic surgeons have developed quite an online following, allowing them to capitalize on their fame and draw prospective patients into their clinics.

Create a YouTube Channel

If SnapChat just isn’t your style, there are always other options. Starting a YouTube channel can be a great way for prospective patients to get to know you before they even meet you.

These videos don’t need to be of medical procedures, as many SnapChat videos are. They could simply be of you explaining the details of the cosmetic procedures that are available at your clinic. Sure, they could read about them on your website, but there is something about hearing the words coming straight from an expert’s mouth, your mouth, and seeing you as you speak. It can be reassuring to new patients to see that you know exactly what you are talking about. Make sure that you put up a new video at least once a month. Few things look worse from a marketing perspective than a neglected YouTube channel that hasn’t been updated in a long while.

Email Marketing

Monthly e-newsletters and email campaigns can be fantastic ways to stay in touch with your patients and keep them in the loop about any specials you’re offering, what new procedures you just love, and any other news that involves your practice.

The trick, of course, is to get your patients to actually open these emails (rather than dumping them straight into their SPAM folder). You want to make sure that all of your emails are providing them with some value. If it is just empty marketing jargon, then they will delete it immediately. But if they know that you’re going to be sending them valuable coupons for procedures they might want, or educational and engaging blogs that will teach them something new, they will definitely open up your emails to take a look, increasing your overall digital engagement with your patients. For a short tutorial on how to write a great email that won’t get deleted, click here.

Hire a Marketing Firm

The big issue with all of the above suggestions is that they take time, more so than money. If you are running a busy plastic surgery practice, time is one of your most valuable resources. By hiring a professional marketing firm, or another service that is familiar and experienced with online marketing, you can let them do the work for you. Marketing firms have experienced copywriters, talented graphic designers and effective advertising teams. Their experience can work in your favor. This can be a somewhat costlier marketing option, depending on the firm you decide to use, but you may find it’s well worth it if you or your staff may not have the time or the expertise to effectively execute your marketing strategy on your own.

Of course, you are going to want to mention in all of your marketing efforts that you are a member in good standing with ISAPS! Being an ISAPS member shows that you’ve achieved professionalism and respect in your field, meeting the highest standards, and that patients can trust you with their appearance, and their safety. Just knowing that you are a member of ISAPS can put your patients at ease, knowing that they are safe in your experienced hands.

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