5 Tips for Buying New Bras After Your Breast Augmentation

  • Posted on: Feb 1 2017
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It’s no surprise that after breast augmentation surgery, many patients want to head right out to the mall and buy some new lingerie! Hold on a minute, though. Before you go on a wild and crazy bra-shopping spree, here are a few things to consider:

  1. Give Yourself Time to Heal

Recovery time after any major surgery is crucial, and healing after breast augmentation surgery is no different. Most plastic surgeons recommend a healing period of between three to six weeks, which includes wearing support bandages, surgical bras and support bras. During this period, you can expect some swelling, as the sensitive tissue in the area is still healing. Determining your new bra size will be difficult until the swelling has completely diminished.

Even after the recovery period, you might still feel some pain and discomfort in the area. Before moving into an underwire and/or push-up bra, you will want to wear a supportive sports bra. The most important recovery tip after breast augmentation surgery is to make sure that your new breasts are completely supported. A supportive sports bra will help your breasts settle properly and will aid in the healing process. If putting on a bra causes you any discomfort, talk to your doctor, and give yourself some extra time before switching over to regular bras full-time.

  1. Get a professional fitting

So many women have no idea that the bras they’re wearing are ill-fitting or even a completely wrong size. All women can greatly benefit from a professional bra fitting, especially those who have undergone breast augmentation. As some augmented breasts may have a slightly different feel and shape, some specialized expertise may be required to select the perfect bra to provide the correct level of support. A professional can also recommend bras styles that will work great with your new body shape.

  1. Try something different

This is the exciting part! You have new breasts, which means that it is the perfect time to try something completely new! When buying new bras, try some different colors and styles than you’re used to. You might discover a style that you’ve never considered before, that fits better than your old bras ever did. Having an open mind can make for a very fun shopping trip with friends, as you can try new things and get feedback about what they think.

  1. Wait before buying super-expensive lingerie

Even after the healing period is over and your new breasts have mostly settled, there may still be some slight shifting and changing for about six months. This means that bras you buy two months after breast augmentation surgery might not fit properly a few months later. Be aware of this and try not to buy a lot of expensive lingerie immediately after recovery. Don’t risk wasting hundreds of dollars – instead buy one or two nice pieces of lingerie that you’re comfortable in, that flatter you and your new shape. Then, if these pieces still fit perfectly after half a year, go ahead and buy more of the same size. If not, ask for another fitting. If you have any questions about when you can safely go on a lingerie shopping spree, just ask your doctor.

  1. Avoid online bra purchases for a time

For the reasons listed above, you should avoid purchasing bras online until you are completely recovered. Bras bought online might be more affordable, but until you are completely comfortable with your new breast size and shape, it’s best that you have a fitting and the option to physically try on a bra before buying it. Once you have completely adjusted to your new size, then give online buying a try!

  1. Give away your old bras

We all know that bras can be extremely expensive. With newly augmented breasts, your old bras will likely be of no more use to you. Consider donating them to a charity store for less fortunate women in our communities who can’t afford new, quality bras… plus, it’s a nice karma boost!

If you’re considering having a breast augmentation, it’s important you do your homework and choose your plastic surgeon carefully. Plastic surgeons who are accepted as ISAPS members are all board-certified (or the equivalent) in aesthetic plastic surgery. Their admission as ISAPS members means they have passed the scrutiny of their peers and agree to maintain the highest professional standards.

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