5 Marketing Ideas to Fill Your Practice Over the Holidays

  • Posted on: Dec 4 2017
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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! It’s also one of the busiest!

Different holidays are celebrated all over the world in December, all of them combining to create a general holiday spirit and feeling that permeates everyone with goodwill and cheer. It’s also a time of year when wallets seem to open a little easier than usual, as people are in a buying mood for presents. Your plastic surgery practice should be taking advantage of this by upping your marketing game and taking an active role in promoting the holiday season. Here are a few marketing ideas about how you can draw in both previous and new clients, and fill your practice over the holidays!

Holiday Specials

Holiday specials are a time-honored tradition in retail and commerce. Around this time of year, people are already in a spending mindset. This is a perfect time to offer holiday discounts to your patients, both old and new.

Your holiday specials do not need to be huge. A special could be a simple 10% off a variety of procedures. It could be a free gift, like a skincare product, with any treatment. By offering these specials, you will greatly increase the likelihood that patients will find the time in their hectic holiday schedules to come into your practice.

Send Holiday Presents to Clients

It is better to give than to receive. There is truth in this old saying, especially when it comes to connecting with your clients and patients throughout the holiday season. By sending your loyal clients a present of some kind, you will be telling them how much they mean to you. That kind of connection can be hard to beat when it comes to inspiring repeat business.

A present sent to clients does not have to be big (in fact, it shouldn’t be). It is simply a token of your appreciation of their business. It could be a lovely, personally signed holiday card. Maybe chocolates? No matter what it is, your clients will remember your thoughtful, gift-giving effort going into the new year.

Plan a Holiday Party

Holiday parties can be a fantastic way to get your patients into your clinic for a reason other than cosmetic surgery. A party will increase their comfort level with the actual location of your clinic and can allow them to interact with you and your staff on a more friendly level.

If it is a little late for you to plan a holiday bash, you could scale back plans this year and simply hold a Holiday Open House, a day or afternoon when clients and patients can drop in whenever they want for some holiday goodies and coffee. Maybe have a holiday drawing for a prize of some kind, like a free cosmetic treatment session. This could be another situation where giving out small presents to clients might be a good idea.

Send an Email Marketing Campaign

One of the most potent marketing tools that a plastic surgery clinic has is their email list, especially around the holiday shopping season.

Channel the spirit of the season into an email campaign, theming everything around the holidays. People expect more advertising during this time of year, so don’t worry about overwhelming them with marketing emails. Increasing the frequency of your email contact with your clients will ensure that you are on their mind throughout December.

Offer Gift Cards

Gift cards have gotten a bad reputation as the present you give when you have absolutely no idea what to buy someone. That’s hardly fair, as gift cards offer a huge amount of flexibility to the receiver, allowing them to buy exactly what they want, while still saying that you’ve put thought into what he or she would like. As it is impossible to put a cosmetic procedure under the tree, the best way to give someone the gift of cosmetic surgery is through a gift card. This will allow them to pick out the exact procedure they want. If you want to sweeten the pot, you could offer a 10% holiday discount on your gift cards, to really entice people to come in and buy them for family and loved ones.

From all of us at ISAPS, we hope that you have a wonderful and successful holiday season!

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