5 Great Reasons to JOIN ISAPS – Today!

How many professional organizations are you a member of?

As a professional aesthetic plastic surgeon, you know the importance of holding a level of credentials that prove your abilities and safety record to your patients. Although nearly every country in the world has its own aesthetics plastic surgeon organizations, only one is internationally recognized, with over 4000 members from 103 countries: the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, or ISAPS.

Although there are countless reasons why you may wish to become an ISAPS Member, here are five of the biggest:

Instill Trust in Your Patients
To build a successful plastic surgery practice, your potential patients need to trust you. There are so many plastic surgeons out there, so how can they possibly know for sure if you are an aesthetics professional they can put their faith in?

That’s one of the reasons that membership in ISAPS is so powerful. Seeing that you’re a member of ISAPS speaks volumes about your skill level, experience and safety record. As an ISAPS Member, you’ve proven yourself to your colleagues and your patients as a recognized professional in the aesthetics industry.

You will be able to put that you are a member in good standing of ISAPS on all of your marketing materials, something that will set you apart from many of the other plastic surgeons in your marketing area. You will also get a special members-only plaque that you can display in your office. This will prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are a member of the oldest and largest society of aesthetic plastic surgeons in the world!

Get Insurance with ISAPS
Another reason why being an ISAPS Member can be beneficial to your patients is that they could be eligible for ISAPS insurance. Being able to offer your patients this peace of mind can be invaluable.

Provided through a partnership with Sure Insurance, underwritten by Lloyds of London, your patients can qualify for up to two years of additional insurance to cover any corrective or remedial treatments they may require. This can be a powerful marketing tool, as ISAPS is the only organization to provide this kind of insurance.

Create International Connections
One of the greatest benefits of ISAPS membership is that you become part of a worldwide aesthetics organization that has thousands of members. Not only will you have access to the ISAPS global email list that shows all of these aesthetics professionals, you will also have the chance to network with your international colleagues at events around the world.

For example, every two years we hold the ISAPS Congress in an internationally recognized city. In 2018, it was held in Miami Beach, and it was a huge success. The Congress gives our members an incredible opportunity to meet each other and interact in a professional, yet informal, setting. By becoming an ISAPS Member, you will be able to attend the 2020 Congress at a much-reduced rate. And, of course, there are all the educational opportunities that are offered at the Congress…

Exclusive Aesthetics Education Programs
As a plastic surgeon, you know that you can never rest on your laurels. There are always new procedures being developed, new techniques being used. If you only stick with what you know, your practice will soon be left in the dust by others who are taking more initiative by offering their patients the cutting-edge procedures they are looking for.

This is why you need to be learning continuously. ISAPS offers extensive aesthetics education programs that, as a member, you get to attend for a significantly reduced rate. We hold over 30 symposia and courses every year, with more being added all the time. This includes the courses and demonstrations that are given at the ISAPS Congress. We believe in education, and do whatever we can to help our members grow as aesthetics professionals.

Be a Part of the Global Aesthetics Survey
No doubt you’ve heard of the ISAPS Annual Global Aesthetics Survey. Every year, its publication is eagerly awaited by industry professionals, the media, and simply those who are interested in plastic surgery trends worldwide. As a member of ISAPS, you get to participate in the development of this survey! The information that you provide will help us create an accurate representation of the popularities of various plastic surgeries around the world. This is invaluable information to those in our profession, as it allows plastic surgeons to see upcoming trends on the horizon and find out what procedures are most popular in their local markets.

Becoming a member of ISAPS is about more than just the membership plaque, or the educational opportunities, or the feeling that you belong to a truly international organization. Being a member means that you will be able to offer your patients both peace of mind and better care. Please visit https://www.isaps.org/how-to-join-isaps to learn how to join the greatest aesthetics organization in the world!

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