25 Ways to Get More Facebook Likes

  • Posted on: Apr 3 2017
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Don’t you love when you post a clever status on Facebook and everyone “likes” it?


This kind of personal validation is great, but when applied to your practice’s Facebook page, it can also act as a great digital marketing method. Facebook involvement and interactions are free and easy, and can reach a huge audience of potential customers and patients. Here are some ideas on how you can increase your practice’s “like” count on Facebook.


  1. Ask
    Saying please and thank you paid off when you were a child, and it can pay off now. When you post interesting content, simply ask the viewer to click the “Like Us on Facebook” button at the end. Many of them will, and as long as you don’t spam their profile with ads, they will probably leave it there!2. Content Creation
    Why would someone want to visit a page when all they are going to find is advertising? If you provide valuable content to your Facebook audience, they are going to be clicking on your links. This can be anything from blog posts to infographics about plastic surgery procedures.

    3. Contests
    This is a great way to build some excitement about your practice. Promote a contest through Facebook, Twitter and any other social media platforms you are a part of. The prize doesn’t need to be huge to build the necessary excitement. Just make clear that all a person needs to do to be entered is to “like, share and comment” on your Facebook page!

    4. Offer Discounts
    Everyone loves a deal. If you offer someone a small discount or coupon for liking your Facebook page, they are much more likely to go for it. They are also much more likely to come into your practice to take advantage of that discount, so win-win!

    5. Pay Attention to Your Metrics
    Facebook offers a number of useful tools to measure how popular your posts are. Take advantage of this by figuring out which posts get the most engagement and likes, and then do more like them.

    6. Use Images to Enhance Text.
    A picture is worth a thousand words. Which is better: a description of a plastic surgery procedure, or a photo of the results? It’s the picture! There is a reason before-and-after shots are so effective. When it comes to Facebook posts, it is better to show than to tell.

    7. t’s Called Social Media, So Go Be Social!
    Social media isn’t a billboard where you can simply throw up an advertisement and hope people see it. To attract people to your page, you want to actively engage with other companies and individuals online. Like posts, leave comments, become involved in the online conversation. This will get people clicking on your practice’s name and increasing your like count.

    8. Use Video
    Live video is a big deal online, and especially for plastic surgeons. There are a ton of popular surgeons out there who make a killing based on their videos on Facebook and YouTube. It can be tricky to break in, but even posting an occasional video may get you some likes.

    9. Sprinkle Your Facebook Address Everywhere
    Whenever you comment on a blog on another webpage, leave your Facebook address as your website. Put your FB address in your email signature. Put it on your business card. The more it gets around, the more chances that someone will click to check out your page, and that means more likes!

    10. Minimize Ad Copy
    Nothing turns off a Facebook user faster than seeing too many ads. If ads make up more than 20% of your content, odds are they are turning people off. Keep ad copy to a minimum, and when it is there, make it engaging.

    11. Set a Posting Schedule
    If you post once a month or less, you are never going to build Facebook engagement. You need to be posting content consistently to keep your page alive and make people want to like your stuff.

    12. Build Staff Involvement
    Your staff can help build Facebook involvement by liking your company page and posting comments on your posts. Make it optional, but provide a lot of encouragement to them! They might even be able to draw some of their friends and family in as well.

    13. Build Patient Involvement
    If your patients are happy with their results, encourage them to share selfies and other photos on your practice’s Facebook page. Odds are that these photos will get a lot of likes from their friends and family. Plus, it is always nice to see a happy customer!

    14. Build Friend and Family Involvement
    If all else fails, get your friends and family to like your Facebook pages and posts. Everyone has to start somewhere, and your friends and family can give you a good “fan base” to build from.

    15. Use Professional Branding
    Your Facebook page reflects your practice’s brand, so all content on your page should look professional and clean. Make sure that all graphics are high-quality and that your logo is prominently placed in your page’s banner.

    16. Enable Facebook Comments on Your Blogs
    Using a plugin, you can make it so that people can comment to Facebook directly beneath your blogs. This is a great way to increase involvement with your customers. Just make sure that you keep an eye on the comment section, they can occasionally get out of hand.

  2. Promote Your Facebook Page Elsewhere
    Make sure there are links to your Facebook page on your LinkedIn profile, Twitter, and anywhere else you have a presence on the web. Facebook is a great way to get to know a company better, so there is a good chance that an interested party will click.18. Tag, You’re It
    Everyone likes a shout out! Tagging relevant people and other groups in posts will draw their attention and get them clicking and sharing your content.

    19. Facebook as Customer Service
    Some Facebook users don’t even think to call your practice, they will simply send a message straight to your Facebook page. Make sure that there is someone who will answer those messages promptly. It’s just solid customer service, and they might reward your page with a “like” if they have a positive experience.

    20. Facebook Ads
    Targeted Facebook ads are a great way to target specific people and demographics. If people click on an ad, there is a good chance that they will also give you a like, especially if they do like what they find on your page (content, coupons, discounts, etc.)

    21. Add a Facebook “Like” Button to Your Website
    Simply by adding a Facebook “like” button to the top right-hand corner of your website, you will be increasing the odds that a viewer will like your page. Just be certain that your website is professionally built and is easy to use, otherwise they will probably ignore the “like” button entirely.

  3. Fill Out Your “About” Page
    It is amazing how many people leave their “About” page mostly blank. This is a great place to plug your actual website, phone number, address and other details that you would like your patients to know about. People tend to like pages that provide them useful information, so provide it!23. Post at Optimal Times
    No one is going to like a post you put up at 3 o’clock on a Sunday morning. You want to post your content at the times people are actively engaged on Facebook. Do some research online to find out what times you are likely to get the most eyes on your posts.

    24. Facebook Reviews
    Reviews serve two purposes. One, they prove that you have a practice that gives people the results they want, and two, there is a good chance that the person who leaves the review will also leave you a “like” on your page and some of your content.

    25. Share Seasonal Messages
    You should tailor your posts to the season. For example, if it’s the holiday season, wish all of your patients “Happy Holidays!” If it’s Halloween, share a “spooky” post. Just have fun with it and your audience will as well!

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