Posts From October, 2018

Creative Ways to Create a Memorable Experience for Your Clients

As a plastic surgeon, you are in an inherently creative industry. Like all artists, you have a vision of the results you want to create. The only difference is that your tools are scalpels and high-tech medical instruments rather than a paintbrush or pen. This creativity needs to extend beyond your work in surgery; it… Read More »

10 Smart Ways to Grow Your Aesthetic Practice

Starting an aesthetic practice is difficult enough — growing it into a thriving business can be challenging beyond words! Like all small businesses, plastic surgery and other aesthetic practices can significantly struggle in the early days of operation. They don’t have a customer base built up yet, no one knows about their services, and they… Read More »

Tips to Create a High-Performance Team with Your Office Staff

Have you ever felt like you were part of something bigger than yourself? That you were with a group of people where you just belonged? Where you were doing something that mattered to you, and you felt like you were making a difference? For organizations, this feeling is the holy grail of teamwork. When individual… Read More »

How to Increase Your Customer Referrals

All of the money that your plastic surgery practice spends on advertising and marketing can pale in comparison to the power of one single personal recommendation. As consumers, we tend to look at traditional marketing and advertisements with a cynical eye, and understandably so. They are usually paid for by the business, so it isn’t… Read More »