The 12 Core Benefits of Being an ISAPS Member in 2017

  • Posted on: Mar 3 2017
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Whether you’re renewing your ISAPS membership for 2017 or joining for the first time, welcome to a new year! It’s never been a better time to be part of the ISAPS community, for reasons that benefit not just you, but also your patients, your practice and your profession. For many people, looking for a plastic surgeon feels like searching for a diamond in a field of glass. Your membership in ISAPS gives you a “shine” of quality that sets you apart from your competitors. As an ISAPS member, you can:


Easily stay up-to-date with the latest research and scholarship published in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the official journal of ISAPS. Your membership includes an annual subscription to print and electronic copies of current and back issues, including a members-only mobile app. 

Choose from more than 30 official ISAPS symposia and courses offered each year. Members may attend at significantly reduced rates, and your participation reflects your commitment to the highest international standards of professional skill and expertise. 

Stay informed about member activities and ways to build your practice with a subscription to our official newsletter. Members may access both print and digital version of ISAPS News, published three times a year.

Offer your patients up to two years’ worth of additional insurance that covers any correctional or remedial treatments or surgeries they might need. Our partnership with Sure Insurance (unwritten by Lloyd’s of London) makes possible this powerful and unique marketing tool that provides patients with unparalleled peace of mind.

Include your practice information on the ISAPS website, an excellent way to increase your global visibility. With over 45,000 visits per month, the ISAPS website is where prospective patients and global media go first to find information on plastic surgery procedures and qualified surgeons. It’s a simple marketing opportunity that’s too good to miss. 

Participate in the ISAPS Annual Global Aesthetics Survey, the number one resource for the media, the industry and the public to keep up with statistics and trends in aesthetic procedures performed all over the world. Your contribution to this survey helps raise the visibility of ISAPS and our members to international media and prospective patients around the world. You’ll even receive a discount on your annual ISAPS membership fee for participating.

Access a global network of fellow members, leading to networking opportunities and friendships with colleagues all over the world. ISAPS is the only professional plastic surgery society to offer this benefit to its members. 

Rely on our network of National Secretaries who will advocate on your behalf in any situation that requires the attention of the ISAPS Board, and will also assist you with producing ISAPS education programs in your country.

Attend the ISAPS Congress – the largest global aesthetics conference of its kind – at substantially reduced members-only rates. Each biennial Congress offers five days of exceptional scientific meetings, cadaver dissections and live workshops, including comprehensive practice management classes for ISAPS Business School and ISAPS Skin. Mark your calendars for the next ISAPS Congress in South Beach, Miami, Florida (October 31st to November 4th, 2018).

Demonstrate your commitment to patient safety through our collaboration on with American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities International. Trained plastic surgeon colleagues will help you achieve surgical facility accreditation so that your patients have their surgery in an accredited and safe surgical environment.

Contribute to the worldwide education of patients and media about plastic surgery ethics and procedures. As a member of the leading provider of industry standardization, you’ll have full access to the comprehensive marketing, public relations and outreach initiatives that ISAPS offers.

And, last but not least, you can purchase elegant member plaques to display proudly in your office, waiting room or treatment rooms to show your patients that you belong to the most discerning group of qualified aesthetic plastic surgeons in the world.

All these benefits, both great and small, can help you build your skills and practice by expanding your network of colleagues and referrals. Membership in ISAPS is the privilege of an elite few who meet the highest international standard of credentialing. You deserve to be proud of it – and your patients will know they’ve at last found the diamond they’ve been searching for!

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