Visiting Professor Program

Visiting Professor Program

ISAPS Education Council Endowment Fund contributions and profits resulting from some of our courses and biennial Congresses have allowed us to re-establish the ISAPS Visiting Professor Program (VPP) which brings the best educators in aesthetic surgery to remote regions around the world that may otherwise never be exposed to modern surgical and non-surgical aesthetic surgery training.

The VPP Program Chair will work with national societies of plastic surgery, universities and other plastic surgery teaching facilities to foster this program. ISAPS will send the top names in aesthetic surgery, and the host country's national society and major teaching university will be able to take advantage of this volunteer education program. The intention is to provide intensive on-site training for residents and fellows and lectures to larger audiences while our teaching faculty is visiting.

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To schedule a Visiting Professor, contact the program's Chairman, Dr. Renato Saltz at:

ISAPS Visiting Professor Program Guidelines

This program was designed to bring Aesthetic Surgery Education to your country by the best educators in the world.
— Renato Saltz, MD – Program Chair

  • The visiting professor cycle will be two years, with the first cycle being January 2013 through December 2014. During this period, professors chosen as part of the program will be asked to make at least one and no more than two visits. Professors may be re-invited for future VPP cycles at the discretion of the Program Chair.
  • No Professor will be asked to provide more than one VPP per calendar year, and no program can request more than one VPP per calendar year.
  • The national society and the National Secretary will be responsible for hosting the visit. Thus, the "connection" between ISAPS and the host country must be the National Secretary.
  • To request a VPP, the NS must contact Renato Saltz for scheduling no later than three months before the requested visit dates.
  • NSs will work with the ISAPS Education Council and will be responsible for managing local arrangements, media exposure, hotel accommodations, teaching facilities, and daily scheduling of the ISAPS visiting professor.
  • The visit will be publicized through the ISAPS website and newsletter so that the "the ISAPS Visiting Professor Program" becomes a major feature of ISAPS education activities.
  • Each Visiting Professor will receive $5,000 to cover travel expenses from the Education Foundation for each trip.
  • The host country's national society or institution will be responsible for hotel accommodations, meals, and local transportation.
  • The National Secretary will be responsible for promoting/marketing/overseeing the Visiting Professor trip in the host country.
  • Visiting Professors who have completed the cycle will be honored during the biennial congress.
  • ISAPS News will feature a permanent column for the Professors to "tell the story of their trip" to market the program and generate donations.



  • Jay Calvert – US
  • Nazim Cerkes – Turkey
  • Olivier Gerbault – France
  • Alan Landecker – Brazil
  • Enrico Robotti – Italy


  • Giovanni Botti – Italy
  • Gianluca Campiglio – Italy
  • Nuri Celik – Turkey
  • Philip Chen – Taiwan
  • Alain Fogli – France
  • Daniel Knutti – Switzerland
  • Bryan Mendelson – Australia
  • Foad Nahai – US
  • Mario Pelle-Ceravolo – Italy
  • Oscar Ramirez – US
  • Dirk Richter – Germany
  • Henry Spinelli – US
  • Renato Saltz – US
  • Alex Verpaele – Belgium

Breast & Body Contouring

  • Al Aly – US
  • Joao Erfon Ramos – Brazil
  • Raul Gonzalez – Brazil
  • Ruth Graf – Brazil
  • Moustapha Hamdi – Belgium
  • Joseph Hunstad – US
  • Constantino Mendieta – US
  • Fabio Nahas – Brazil
  • Osvaldo Saldanha – Brazil
  • Joao Sampaio Goes – Brazil
  • Cemal Senuya – Turkey
  • Grant Stevens – US
  • Susumu Takayanagi – Japan
  • Lina Triana – Colombia
  • Carlos Uebel – Brazil


  • Vakis Kontoes – Greece
  • Jason Pozner – US
  • J. Peter Rubin – US
  • Woffles Wu – Singapore

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