Residents and Fellows

Residents and Fellows

Why should I join ISAPS?

ISAPS encourages the exchange of information and learning in many ways: through our courses, symposia, the Biennial Congress, and the Visiting Professor Program. Some members also provide informal and more intimate fellowships in their practices, clinics and academic settings. Listed below are fellowships offered by ISAPS members that accept plastic surgeons for short periods of training. Unless otherwise specified, these programs are not endorsed by ISAPS and all arrangements must be made between the prospective fellow and the program director. Please contact the program directly for more information.

Residents and Fellows also receive six annual issues of our journal and four annual issues of our newsletter. They pay much lower dues and course registration fees and advance automatically to higher levels of membership on completion of training.

fellowship programs

By posting or accepting a fellowship listed on the ISAPS website, you agree to the following:
The Fellowship and the Fellow hereby agree to jointly and severely release, defend and hold harmless the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) from any claims, whether first party or third party claims, related in any fashion to the Fellowship or to the Fellow, including but not limited to claims related to hiring, employment, compensation, supervision and/or malpractice.

Click to download the information for any program listed. Additional fellowships will be posted as received. ISAPS reserves the right to accept or deny any program for posting.

Visit an ISAPSexpert 

These short-term clinical visits are open to Resident/Fellow and Associate members of ISAPS. Admission is at the discretion of the surgeon offering the fellowship.

1. Dr. Al Aly - Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
2. Dr. Gianluca Campiglio - Milan, Italy
3. Dr. Ruth Graf - Curitiba, Brazil
4. Dr. Bahman Guyruon - Cleveland, Ohio, US
5. Dr. Darryl Hodgkinson - Sydney, Australia
6. Dr. Jamal Jomah - Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
7. Dr. Vakis Kontoes - Athens, Greece
8. Dr. Daniel Knutti - Biel, Switzerland
9. Dr. Apostolos Mandrekas - Athens, Greece
10. Dr. Foad Nahai - Atlanta, Georgia, US
11. Prof. Dr. Ernst Magnus Noah - Kassel, Germany
12. Dr. Mario Pelle-Ceravolo - Rome, Italy
13. Dr. Dirk Richter - Köln, Germany
14. Dr. Enrico Robotti - Bergamo, Italy
15. Dr. Lorne Rosenfield - Burlingame, California, US
16. Dr. Renato Saltz - Salt Lake City, Utah, US
17. Prof. Dr. Cemal Senyuva - Istanbul, Turkey
18. Dr. Ozan Sozer - El Paso, Texas, US
19. Dr. Lina Triana - Cali, Colombia 
20. Prof. Dr. Carlos Oscar Uebel - Porto Alegre, Brazil

Fellowship Programs

UK - Anglia Ruskin University
Netherlands - The Dutch Association for Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery - DAFPRS
US - University of Pittsburgh - body contouring
Saudi Arabia - Med Arts Clinics
US - Clevens Face & Body (Florida)


  • To list Fellowship Program, download the form here.
  • If you would like to endorse your fellowship download the form here. Submit Fellowship Program forms to the ISAPS Executive Office at

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