BCRF Awards

Body Contouring Research Foundation (BCRF) Awards

BCRF Awards for papers presented in clinical body contouring or research on fat and stem cells will be presented at the 22nd Biennial Congress of ISAPS in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in September, 2014.  

The purpose of these awards is to provide financial assistance to young researchers with papers in clinical or basic science and to young presenters all of whom are under age 45 and whose papers presented at the Congress have been found to be outstanding by the judges.  There are two categories:  the Young Presenter’s Award and the Young Researcher’s Award with prizes for 1st and 2nd place in each category.  Prizes:  $4,000 for 1st place - $2,000 for 2nd place - in each category.
NOTE: To be considered for one of these BCRF Awards, you must check the box in the abstract submission program at the time that you submit your paper.

These awards are made possible by a grant from the former Lipoplasty Society of North America, Inc.


Past Winners

2014 - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
1. Natale Ferreira Gontijo de Amorim - Brazil
2. Yoram Wolf, MD - Israel

1. Alexandra Conde-Green, MD - United States
2. Joseph Williams, MD - United States

2012 - Geneva, Switzerland
1. Antonio Manuel Dominques da Costa Ferreira, MD - Portugal
2. Yves Harder, MD - Germany
3. Natalie F. Gontiko de Amorim, MD - Brazil

1. Gabrielle Davis, MD - United States
2. Angelo Leto Barone, MD - Italy
3. Alexandra Conde-Green, MD - United States

2010 - San Francisco, United States
Clinical: Ivar Rosales-Berber, MD - Mexico
Research: Wilson Novaes Matos Jr., MD - Brazil

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