Accredited Facilities

The facilities where these members perform their surgery are accredited by Surgical Facilities Resources (SFR), the ISAPS International Accreditation partner.

SFRI means that this doctor is a qualified inspector of surgical facilities for patient safety and has taken a course to grant him this designation.

SFRA means that this doctor works in a facility that has passed a comprehensive evaluation and is considered to practice in accordance with patient safety standards.

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Venkata Ratnam BANDIKATLA

Venkata Ratnam BANDIKATLA MD

PO Box 6222 Zayed the 2nd Street (Electra)
Abu Dhabi,

Jaffer KHAN

Jaffer KHAN MD

PO Box 71753 Utamah Villa # 1049c Jumeirah

Luiz Sergio TOLEDO

Luiz Sergio TOLEDO MD

PO Box 213522 Jumeirah, 83A st Villa 8

1-3 of 3

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