Men Get Real about Facial Procedures

Stepping up to the sink in the morning, you wonder when your beard turned so gray. As you peer into the mirror, you notice the fine lines around your mouth are growing deeper. Your spouse walks by and asks what you’re so mad about but it’s just the pronounced furrow in your brow that makes her wonder. Adding to this are sagging cheeks and under-eye bags, which make you look tired and, quite frankly, old. It didn’t use to be this way!


Between board meetings, investments, pitching new business, or just entering the second (or third) phase in life, more and more men are prompted to take stock of their outward image. For most men, however, vanity or even self-improvement is just not something that’s talked about—at least in the open. Working out, being challenged in the workplace by younger, fresher talent, and the empty-nest syndrome can all spur thoughts of “what else can I be doing to feel young?”


First of all, know that you’re not alone. What’s common in Hollywood is becoming more readily accepted by men with a more open view towards fillers, injections, and facelifts. Yes, you may be exhausted from a grueling travel and work schedule, but your clients expect you to be ready for anything they throw your way. Men’s eyelids become heavier with age (like women’s) and their sagginess can drag the look of the whole face down. Thankfully, you have options.


The ISAPS reports that each year the number of men getting cosmetic surgery increases 10% and their main reasons are to look good and stay competitive in the job market. Many men are reaching the top of their career and, while they feel vibrant and confident, they worry they don’t look it.


Men’s vs. Women’s Facelifts

If you’re a man considering a facelift, it’s time to fully educate yourself on this important procedure. Most surgeons estimate that a man’s facelift takes 45–60 minutes longer than a woman because men’s skin is thicker than women’s, men's hair is more easy to get bold than women. and the beard area makes it tricky to work with and get flawless results. When incisions are made near the ear, special attention must be paid as men shave in this area and scars can be noticeable. If you’re experiencing baldness or severely receding hair, scars can be more difficult to obscure. A good surgeon will bring the hairline underneath the ear to camouflage scarring.

Non-Surgical “Facelifts”

Not ready to go under the knife? “Liquid facelifts” are skyrocketing in popularity as a non-surgical alternative. Women have been using fillers and injections to stave off lost facial volume and to boost firmness for years. With virtually no downtime and ease of appointments, men are also choosing these with no reservations. Botox, Restylane, Sculptra and more are becoming part of the offerings readily made to men.


When men take pride in their appearance, they feel confident, capable, and ready to take on the world. In addition to proper skincare (which is also growing among men), working out, and eating right, men today have an arsenal of ways to combat wrinkles, flabbiness, and sagging skin.


So when it’s time to look as young as you feel and get back to business in record time, make an appointment with an ISAPS Plastic Surgeon to find out what works best for you. You’ll have something to really smile about as you look in the mirror soon!

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