How to Hire Outstanding Staff: Increase Profit and Performance with People

Employee turnover is something no accomplished surgeon wants on their list of things to worry about. Making patients happy and performing highest-quality work is a full-time job and you need your office running as efficiently as possible. A great team member will lift your practice and the mood of everyone in their midst.

It’s important to make informed hires from the beginning by qualifying the candidates that will best represent your business while adding to the success of your practice. Here are our top three tips for making great hiring decisions:


Compatible and personable

It’s vital that your employees are compatible with each other and can get along in a professional sense. They must also be personable with customers and visitors. You may get a gut feeling with a candidate, but it’s important to get feedback from others as well. Line up interviews with reporting managers as well as those they would cross paths with, like receptionists and administration. Did the rest of your staff get a good feeling from a candidate? Was anything “off” in the meeting? You want your team to be accommodating and a pleasure to have in the office.


Pitching in is part of the job

Getting staff to have a high-level view can be challenging. Knowing that there will be areas that overlap and a general need to help other departments is something you want to disclose up front. Of course your financial administrator won’t have full client or aesthetic capabilities, but they should be versed in your practice offerings and be able to source information. Ask candidates how they’ve crossed department lines to assist other areas outside their domain. If they only stick to their job description, you may have trouble down the road.


Accepting and owning job responsibilities

Nobody likes to make mistakes. Your employees will make them from time to time and the most important thing is how they recover. Ask how candidates have handled a challenging work situation or patient complaint. Did they pass off the error to someone else? Their answers will tell you what kind of accountability level they will bring to the position.


When you make an informed hiring decision, you’ll feel relieved that you’ve crossed an important task off your list. However, the real work of retaining star talent starts on day one. You’ll want to make practice-wide introductions, provide proper training, and acclimate them to the culture of the office. By taking the time to properly select the top of your list and vet them through your team, you’ll have a loyal and contributing employee, happy to serve your customers and grow your profits.


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