• How to Deal with Negative Online Reviews

    It’s happened to most plastic surgeons: no matter how many satisfied patients you’ve treated over the years, there are always a few who are less than happy with your work. Thanks to the … more

  • How to Afford Plastic Surgery

    The universal rule of every aesthetic surgical practice is that full payment is due in advance. Perhaps you’ve carefully saved money toward your goal of having cosmetic surgery in order to look … more

  • Should You Go Abroad for Plastic Surgery?

    If you’re considering cosmetic surgery but are put off by the price tag, you may want to consider having plastic surgery abroad, as so many others have. Medical tourism is a booming business, … more

  • Time Management for Physicians

    One plastic surgeon believes that all doctors fall into one of three categories: 1) those who are always on time, organized and constantly working, 2) those who stress about being unable to manage … more

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